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Uh oh... I think I "derailed" this thread too! Its turned into "collectors attitudes towards artists." Ooops.

Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
Never hurts to ask.
What bothers me is when artists say "PM or email me for prices." If you're looking to sell something, just put a price on it. Why the secrecy?
Agreed 100%. I recently put up a post that said "I'm going to buy a Bronze Age AP featuring the death of Gwen Stacy, if you are an artist interested in tackling this PM me with a quote and a sample of your work." Only got 1 PM so far! Guess they don't like it either

I try to go to as many local cons as I can, and the Allentown PA area seems to have at least one comic art type of show a month. If an original piece doesn't have a price on it, I just assume I can't afford it! I don't want to haggle with an artist over an original piece. That is a piece of them. I feel like I'm insulting them. The only time I will ever haggle is if I'm buying multiple pieces. "Oh your doing PSCs for $20 each? Nice work. Will you do 3 for $50?" That is about it.

On the other hand, if I walk past a dealer display case full of sketch cards, there is no chance I'm walking away with one at the sticker price. Why should they be insulted? They didn't paint it!
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