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Originally Posted by TOMBB25 View Post
Thanks for the post Tai, I'm working on a spreadsheet I have right now with all 169 players to see a little better how they are laid out, to see if I can group them more effectively to keep this to a 100 slot draft or as close as possible. The biggest problem I have is that this really is a player draft, so I want to make sure if someone drafts a player they get all of the cards of that player, otherwise I don't think it is right.
I completely understand where you are going with this. Just feeling for the last 12 spots who are much more likely to be shut out completely but there are some quality RC's and Prospect's without autos. If we use the full CL(169) there are some real high risk spots but it will probably even out better over the full 100 paid spots. Good luck to everyone else in the draft. This should be a fun break
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