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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Or maybe its because they put out a far superior quality product compared to the competition?

comparing it to cigarettes / addiction is not the same thing.

Why dont you compare to something like

Buying 2 cars that can get you from point a to b but costing different?

Or buying Topps to Topps chrome? WHy pay more for Chrome ?
The idea is that the concept is the same - it clouds focus on details and shifts away from comparisons. You completely missed the point if you think I was comparing smoking to computers.

Apple understands that most people don't care what makes up the inside of a product, which is why they tend to use older (but more reliable) parts. Consumers tend to gravitate toward products that 'look nicer,' and in this sense Apple doesn't experience as much competitive pressure as the rest of the PC market (which generally focuses on the "newest, best performing components" and such) precisely because of the logo/branding/packaging. That's what I'm getting at as far as Apple's influence.

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