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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Compare the newest macbook pro to the newest pc laptop and tell me if it lags technology?

While branding plays a role in consumer decisions, so does reliability and reputation. Maybe consumers choose apple and stick with apple because the consistently put out a solid product and back it with support.

Unlike HP and Dell, they dont put out 4 new versions of a laptop every year claiming to have something better in them whether the end user needs it or not!! That logo/branding is a staple of quality moreso than a lemming following. Another role that plays a factor is how a generic PC laptop gets discounted in the first few months of release vs and consistent non sale price of an apple product.

Some may believe that as a blind following, but others see that as support for a quality product that tends to sell without having to discount it to increase sales.
From what you said, do you honestly believe branding has nothing to do with reputation? Think about that for a second....

And on the other end, branding has absolutely nothing to do with "quality" in of itself. Simple concept, really.

I also outlined that Apple doesn't subscribe to the "newest and best" approach that the PC market does that drives constant releases. They have more control since they're not subject to the multitude of configurations on the PC market. Why would they constantly release a new product as such?
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