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Here is all the information posted by Miranda:

Information regarding retail odds:

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
Odds of finding a special insert is about 1:1000. This really is not a product for hobby collectors, but a way to introduce casual consumers to trading cards. Our goal is to have them pick up a pack or two at one of the Mass stores, want more information and find our website or one of the Trading Card community sites.
Reasoning behind no Shane Walker autograph variation & inclusion of a Sophia Walker autograph variation:

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
I'm not a huge fan of having multiple versions in a set. If you make enough of each version to have them accessible to collectors the total value for that actor's autograph goes way down. Or, collectors have an artificially inflated secondary marketing for the hard to find version, and just have to spend more money to complete their sets.

**If you haven't seen Season 2 there will be spoilers!**
Apart from that, Shane as a Walker didn't seem like a big enough event to make two versions (based on what I have to weigh two versions against listed above). Story-wise, he needed to die so that Rick could keep the group (and his family) safe. Shane's death also served to prove the information that Rick got from Dr. Jenner at the CDC about the reanimation process. Shane was a major enough character in Season 2, that had we cut the availability of each version in half, the price for the actor's autograph likely would have really increased. Our collectors have a difficult time securing product, and often spend way more on a box than we would like--cutting Bernthal's auto quantities in half would have likely increased the price for the autograph beyond our comfort level.

Sophia, on the other hand, had a very long story arc about if she was alive or dead. When she was found in the barn this was an important moment for the show and the character. Since she is still alive in the comics, her being a Walker in the barn is a huge deviation from the comic storyline, and had enough impact on the show that I thought it would be worth looking into.
Once we were able to secure a deal for enough signatures to balance out her two versions, I thought it would be a really nice way to include her. For those you who followed Season 1, we weren't able to use her likeness in Season 1 Trading Cards, so featuring her both as alive and as a Walker seemed like the best thing.
Information regarding Season 1 redemptions:

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
The expiration date is to limit our liability. However, unless something comes up to prevent us from fulfilling the redemption cards, we will continue to fulfill the redemption cards.
These are Season 1 cards and will still be available to Season 1 customers. Obviously not every pack has been opened at this point (as we wouldn't be having this conversation), and those cards will be held aside for the customers that continue to purchase Season 1 product.
Information regarding shipping of product bought from the Cryptozoic Store:

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
We printed out a lot of the paperwork on Tuesday, and finished printing and prepping yesterday. The first wave of boxes went out today (for east coast and the eastern middle states). More will go out tomorrow for most of the rest of the US, and those withing a few miles of us will go out Monday AM.

We used estimated shipping times and some might get it a bit early, for questionable ones I erred on the long side figuring people would not mind to get it early, but be sad to get it late.
Odds and insight for Season 2 from Cryptozoic:

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
Wardrobe & Autographs should have a complete set of Season 2 cards out of about 2 cases. Ironically, the lowest qty Wardrobe Card is Dale's undershirt, and even that is within about 15% of the others.
All of the autos are pretty even, although Sophia's two versions could get a little off from getting both out of 2 cases. Everything I looked at in NC looked really good, without duplicates of Auto or Wardrobe out of a case.
Yes, you do get a Walker Wardrobe out of every box, but that never took the place of a Non-Walker Wardrobe--it was always designed to be in addition to the one Character Wardrobe per box. We did have a bit extra Wardrobe swatches, so we increased the ration from 1:24 to about 1:21, so you should get about 13 Character Wardrobe per case.
Information about Andrea's "Blue Hoodie":

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
The "Blue" hoodie is actually tan. Because of the lighting in the kitchen the hoodie looks blue in the photo, and when creating the checklist I incorrectly matched it up to a blue fabric to verify. Our printer realized we had the wrong color listed, but I didn't want to delay the entire product to reprint the cards. I apologize for the confusion, and we have put in place a "checks system" to have all future cards verified before files are finalized!
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