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Originally Posted by mmbtvs View Post
I got my 2 boxes from cryptozoic direct today. I had one okay box, and one HORRIBLE box.

Box 2
Madison Lintz auto
Walker relic M29
Lori Grimes cream t-shirt relic M7

Box 1
2 shadowbox cards


No wardrobes
No autos
sorry to hear...Im curious as to this "place" in NC that did their pack out...obviously we have all seen and read about multiple hits in boxes and some boxes having "4" autographs is insane, but I knew after seeing all these multiple loaded boxes others were going to get "burnt" on some boxes...hope Cryptozoic can make up for this to you, but then again there will be those deceiftful people that will write and complain about "missing cards" just to try and score free cards, and in no way am I implying this to you but I'm sure it will happen......happens all to frequently in the sports boxes from Topps & Upper Deck
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