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Even though I pulled my sketch in the first box, I ended up cracking 1 full case...other case will eventually be flipped. Here are the results (not in sequential order):

Box 1
M10 Maggie's Green Tank
Sketch by Hayden Davis
A5 Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

Box 2
M6 Glen's Brown Shirt
DM03 Lori & Shane Dual (only dual of the case)
A14 Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes

Box 3
M21 Carol's Grey Pants
M31 (Teal with what looks to be blood splatter)
A13 Laurie Holden as Andrea

Box 4
M8 Dale's White Tank
M30 (with a little blood)
A7 Madison Lintz as Sophia

Box 5
M25 T-dog's Red Dirt Shirt
M30 (again with a little blood)
A11 Irone Singleton as T-Dog

Box 6
M14 Hershel's Beige Shirt
M32 (blue plaid)
A4 (season 1) Laurie Holden as Andrea

Box 7
M16 Rick's Dark Green Shirt
M28 (floral)
A4 Steven yeun as Glenn

Box 8
M1 Rick's Sherrif Uniform White Tee
M27 Daryl's Olive Green Jeans
M31 (funky teal/blue with dirt/blood plus gold metalic stripes)
A10 Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene

Box 9
M5 Andrea's "Blue" Hoodie
M18 Carl's Striped Hoodie
A9 Lauren Cohan as Maggie Green

Box 10
M24 Dale's Cream Hawaiian Shirt
M32 Blue plaid with a bit of dirt/blood
A6 melissa Suzanne McBride as Carol

Box 11
M9 Sophia's Rianbow Tshirt (unfortunately all blue)
M31 teal with splatter
A2 Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh

Box 12
M12 Andrea's Striped Top (4 thin stripes)
A1 Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

Although I did not get a redemption, any of the crazy 5-6 hit boxes, or even one of the top artist sketches, I certainly can not complain on the autograph assortment.

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