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Originally Posted by webjon View Post
And this is why it doesn't pay, as a dealer, to put fair prices on cards at shows.
I agree with you actually When you go to an event like that, it is expected that bartering will take place. Like going to a used car dealership, a craft show, or a flea market. I can understand putting a sticker price ~10% or even ~20% more than you expect to sell the card for, but in my experience the sticker price is closer to double. (not a personal attack - we have not done business together to my knowledge)

If the prices in the display case are crazy high, I'm not even going to stop to look. Its a tricky spot you guys are in. But if that show floor has wifi or a 3G signal, rest assured I'm checking prices on my phone My favorite is when I find the exact card the guy is selling on eBay, and its cheaper on eBay!
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