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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
If the prices in the display case are crazy high, I'm not even going to stop to look. Its a tricky spot you guys are in.
Clarification: I am not a dealer, but I've set up at a show a couple of times to clear out extra stuff in my collection.

I have to tell you, setting up just once changes your perspective on pricing and things a lot. It is a ton of work to set up at a show, and there are always a couple of people you are forced to deal with who can really ruin your day, not to mention stuff getting stolen, damaged, etc. . .

It is a real eye opener. . .

When I was set up I certainly didn't mind people checking my prices against eBay, but a woman who picked up 17 $1 inserts (that other sellers were asking $2-3 each for) -- after I spent about 30 minutes sorting and pulling them for her and asked what I would take for the lot and I said $15 and got a snide "Gee Thanks" response from still ticks me off. I literally said "Those would be $30+ at any other table, so . . . " she then paid and left.
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