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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
pushed on knicks and lost on the overrated/overhyped Los Angeles Losers. that's twice in a week that they messed me up lol (the other was last week's loss to houston when they were up double digits thru 3Q)

as for tomorrow, i like...
atlanta hawks first half (assuming it will be -2)
atlanta hawks -4
cleveland cavaliers +8.5
minnesota timberwolves first half (assuming it will be -1.5)
san antonio spurs -3
I had the sorry sorry lakers 2nd half -7 and they outscored them by 9....might be the first time they covered anything in a month lol.

I had the nets 2nd half and kidd got me with that 3.....GLAD you had them at 3 and bought the hook!

I am already slamming my teaser with Thunder -5.5 before it goes through the roof.

70 points and a loss at home to wash.....then a back to back and going on the road to the thunder?!?!?!??!!

I am sure that will be a loss knowing the NBA lol!

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