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Originally Posted by sdoug76 View Post
Rant Warning:

I find it disgusting that if you post a giveaway your thread will have 10 pages in no time.

Post a giveaway were a person gets a chance to get a card for another member and it falls to page 2 in no time.

I mean really people? It takes 10 seconds to nominate someone for the card. I knew most people were shelfish f'ers here, but didn't know it was this bad.

Really disappointing. Think this will be my last random giveaway for a bit.
Idk I've been torn about this as well. There's lots on here for the $ instead of the enjoyment. I think it's screwed up when you want to share your pc or thank somebody and nobody recognizes it while a giveaway thread goes on and on. It's an awesome gesture what u are giving away. I hope it goes to somebody who will really appreciate it.
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