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Default HECK YES! Just Completed My Teaching Credential!

Sorry I have been away from you guys for a few months while I focused on my last term in college. I put the hobby on the backburner for the good of my family and it has paid off! Lucky for me, the districts around me are DYING for male elementary school teachers and I fit the bill...soooo, a job should be relatively easy to get!

While I've been away from the hobby, my desire for busting wax has dwindled. School has been sort of a nicotine patch in a sense. I'm at the stage now where I've got some paypal built up (from selling junk) and I'm ready to spend some cheese on a new player collection. I'm going to stay away from using the term "supercollection" because that puts me in too deep, so I'll just stick with simply "player collection".

Also, I found out in October that I'm gonna be a daddy for the first time. Like many of you before me, you have used this hobby to share some good bonding time with your child (or maybe you were the child). My hope is that I will hold off on wax until my child is old enough to enjoy it with me.

For now, I'm going to spend my time trolling your threads, maybe buying some hot deals from time to time, and growing my "player collection" of the man-beast Robert Quinn.

It's good to be back,'s good to be back.
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