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Originally Posted by TrueNE_09 View Post
Be young, have a blast, make memories, and enjoy it all before maturing into adulthood. Don't get me wrong, adulthood is sweet and brings with it many wonderful events and experiences, but there are major differences too, many of which involve "having to pay something" every month, after month, after month
I'll take being an adult over being a kid any day. I took financial responsibility for myself at 16. Having the freedom to make choices with some level of responsibility is way better than not having bills and being told what to do every waking minute of your life. The day I moved out of my parents was the happiest day of my life at that time. Obviously responsibilities increase over time when you get married, buy a home, have children, etc. Those same responsibilities make life more rewarding. I view life as a progression and every year I am happier than I was the year prior.
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