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Default need some help on a couple of starts...

Thanks in advance for the read and any input. I have a pretty loaded team (8 team league), but a couple of tough start selections this week.

QB: Matt Ryan (vs. NYG) or Josh Freeman (@ NO). Ryan has kind of been a turd the last 5 weeks, though I haven't had the sack to bench him for Freeman. Freeman has a better matchup and tore up the Saints earlier this year (400+ and 3 scores). League has 6 points for a passing score, so QB is critical.

Flex: Alfred Morris (@ CLE), Darren McFadden (vs. KC), Bryce Brown (@ CIN). League awards 1/2 PPR, so Morris gets a little downgrade. McFadden has the best matchup on paper, but is banged up. Browns' bed wetting last week has me gunshy. My starting RB's a re T-Rich and Martin, pulling one of them would be foolish.

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