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wow someone is a little sensitive, point that was made was simply there is hits in retail that are not in hobby. Remember its just cardboard pictures

Originally Posted by dasiegel View Post
That's such a dumb comment all 3 of you. Its amazing how my point was, you just plain and simple get better hits in hobby with the chance of golds rather than a few greens and I get someone implying something negative about me. Is it bad to flip things anyway? I was unaware of this... guess you hate people in real estate.

1) I have a PC, I do collect cards and don't flip everything and in fact just busted a box of 08-09 topps chrome retail just because I enjoy the product and of course on this forum, i got attacked by losers on here for being stupid and spending so much on it. I did it for the love of the hobby.

2) If I'm buying a $55 or w/e it costs for a box of prizm retail even as a collector, I want to know that I don't have to hit a Davis or Lillard green to get some value back. If you get a solid player, like a CP3 green, which you probably won't in a box of retail, and add up all the rookies, you probably aren't getting near the value you paid... that to me just isn't fun to almost guarantee yourself no value or chase hits.

I don't think I'm crazy, people play the lottery or go to casinos for the chance of that cool special pull or hit. Unless your a set collector which my question really doesn't apply to, I'm just wondering why you'd go with retail over hobby, shouldn't have to have someone who doesn't know me tell me that all I do is flip things. What's the point of that?
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