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I don't have a decent hobby store near me so unless I am buying full boxes or cases, retail is my only option. This is my first year back buying unopened stuff when it is released since the late 90s. I am trying to get a little bit of everything that Panini releases 2012-13(regardless of whether I like the design of the card or not!) I bought a hobby box of Totally Certified which I really like, but other than that, only a handful of packs from what has been released so far: Hoops, Prestige and Threads. I did go to Walmart today and before going in had committed to buying a box of Prizm IF there was a full 24 packs....and there was! I rarely sell or trade anything and whatever I get in the packs is cool. Don't get me wrong,it's nice to hit a valuable card every now and then, but I would rather get base, rookie and cool action shots of players I like rather that some /10 of someone I could care less about!

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