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Default Am I Up Sh*t Creek? 2011 Hosmer White Whale

I bought this card from EBay at the beginning of this year. I am a huge Hosmer fan and jumped at the chance to buy a 1/1 of his. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I have been trying to sell this card because I need the funds for Christmas. I sold it and was paid for back on Nov 10th.

Just last week the buyer sent me a message asking questions about its authenticity. I was a little thrown off but then he said above Hosmer's signature the words "Topps Certified Autograph" are missing and claimed it was a fake. I asked, if someone is going to fake a card why not put Topps Certified Auto on it?

He opened a case today and is asking for a refund. I dont mind giving him a refund but should I and what the heck do I do with the card now. Topps said they cant go back and stamp Topps Certified Auto on it but to send them a picture of the card and they will do something about it. What that means I dont know!
If someone can help post the picture I would appreciate it.
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