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Originally Posted by TheHeel View Post
Would it be a burden if you overnight mine?
nope, i can do that!

Originally Posted by Joshua961203 View Post
Does the 10 days start from today??
not sure, i have not gotten an email just yet. i will call tomorrow if i get a minute

Originally Posted by DaBaddestHic View Post
Don't worry, 5 of my 7 cards had problems that I could see, and the other two probably had problems I didn't see, so I'll be right there with you XD.

This is gonna be such a long wait...
i know, i hate waiting.

txrangersfan - i will be picking up your guzman's at the PO tomorrow. sorry it is taking a while, work has been crazy.

also, every participant has paid except R3DM4N.

thanks for making it easy guys!
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we are the aliens.
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