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Originally Posted by KarlM View Post
I need some help on my Walking Dead Season 2 redemption card.

It is for oversized wardrobe card.

However the numbers don't match what is on the checklist.

The checklist says OM 1 - OM 25

My card says R7 and it clearly states Season 2.

R7 was for a Rick patch for Season 1 (it shows redeemed)


Also I do feel bad for the below poster
From the majority of the eBay listings I am seeing the R1-R25 are the Shane triple wardobe and R26-R50 are the Dual Autograph Steven & Maggie.

The OM1-25 and DA1-25 numbering will show on the actual card not the "R"edemption card.

It states what the card is on the front...

So yours not saying "Dual Autograph" means it is the Shane Wardrobe...

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