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Originally Posted by barob72 View Post
So I'm the guy who purchased this card and at the outset I didn't question even to the point of leaving positive feedback. I don't go around authenticating and then returning big purchases like this one. It wasn't until a (collector) friend of mine stopped by to see my new purchases (and there have been many ... check my feedback). He pointed out the discrepancy and said for the money it's best to make sure. So I called Topps and opened a ticket with them. They called back today stating they cannot guarantee that it's authentic and when I asked the rep if there were any other examples they could not provide one.
Now speaking to the back of the card. I have another concern regarding the numbering. I own two other 1/1 TTT auto's from Eric Hosmer and none have a sticker affixed to the card reflecting the number. If you look at the attached image it does appear there is a sticker with the number '136'.

Although I trust the seller I'm not certain this is an authentic card. And for the money I spent I want 100% certainty. Ebay protects buyers up to 45 days after purchase so I'm not breaking any rules. This is the very first instance where I am questioning the authenticity of a card. Unfortunately the seller purchased from another person so there is no redemption card to show as further proof.
I'm very sorry it turned out this way because I did want the cards. I'm a die hard Royals fan and heavily invested in both Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. It makes no difference to me if you agree or disagree because in the end it's my money.

Kyle, Once again I'm sorry with how things turned out. I hope you can find another seller. Maybe there's another Hosmer fan here who will buy it.
This response is far too reasonable. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!

Seriously, I can't help but agree. Crummy situation for both of you, but in the end you spent the money and you didn't get what you expected. Sucks for the OP, not even his fault, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
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