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Originally Posted by webjon View Post
I have to tell you, setting up just once changes your perspective on pricing and things a lot. It is a ton of work to set up at a show, and there are always a couple of people you are forced to deal with who can really ruin your day, not to mention stuff getting stolen, damaged, etc. . .

It is a real eye opener. . .
I empathize with you for sure. I may not buy anything, but I try never to be RUDE to a dealer no matter what I think of his/her prices. I may very well want to go back and buy something from them before I leave! Wouldn't I feel like a fool then Plus for sure they wouldn't give in a cent if I was rude and then came back to tried to haggle.

Also, as much as I want to look through every display of sketch cards I see, I don't want to 'tease' anybody, so if I know I'm not going to buy I sure as hell don't ask them to do anything for me. If their stuff is in a binder or a box full of top-loaders then I'm not taking them away from a possible paying customer so I have no problem browsing.

Originally Posted by SBelcher
To the point of the original post, I don't have a problem with rip and flippers unless they are just flat out clueless about what they have, and even then, it's just a mild irritation.
The biggest issue I've seen is when only a few "big time" buyers buy huge chunks of a print run (meaning about 15% each to four or five sellers), leaving comparatively few for the collectors. I prefer to see the large orders broken up to accommodate several smaller orders.
I enjoy collecting 5finity sets very much, but I find myself having that problem. Do to their popularity and small runs, they are practically a guaranteed profit for any dealer and the majority of the "top level" members that get to buy the most product are rip-n-flip dealers. Although it looks like 5finity put some things in place to remedy that situation.

If people can make a buck doing something, they are going to do it.
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