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Originally Posted by t2554 View Post
Cujo, you sir have my luck. I will have 8 total boxes from 3 different sources (counting the two I already received from Crypto) and this is why I think I may not sell two like I planned. I was planning on selling two to off-set the cost of the rest of the boxes, but I always feel like what happened to you will happen to me (it did happen to me once with a football box I sold but on a smaller scale).
You want to hear the rest of my luck??? My first MELIKE ACAR sketch that cost me a bunch is now LOST in the mail. Yes it's insured. Yes the seller is someone I have dealt with, not his fault. YES this is my luck this week. Some how the card was supposed to go from Austin to New Mexico, but thank you post office for derailing it all the way to Philly. lol.
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