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Originally Posted by ricksam View Post
what about all the previous sets? 5finity sets like archie, voltron, sheena, lady death 1, zombies v cheereleaders etc etc .. try finding those now
I'm not sure what the question is. I didn't start collecting until earlier this year. It was right around the Shi release and I did buy a couple of those online.

I've also picked up a couple of cards from ZvC, Manga Mandy, Kitty Ditties, Female Persuasion 1 & 2, and Pulp Girls through online sites or trades. Not super interested in those sets (besides ZvC) but there are certain artists I really enjoy (particularly David Namisato).

I'm very interested in Grimm Fairy Tales and Hack/Slash but what is still available doesn't really interest me, at least not at the asking price. I'd love to see another installment of either in the horizon. I actually bought an old Hack/Slash AE from one of the Cherry artists I commissioned.

Cherry was the first set I was able to get in on direct from 5finity and then I decided to pass on the following two (LD2 and FP3).
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