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I was streaming it while I was drawing last night. While I'll agree with above that we shouldn't complain because it was essentially a "free" concert for us, I thought most of it sucked.

I missed the beginning, but I turned it on when Clapton started. No wonder they call him Slowhand - can't he play any of his old songs at the proper tempo any more? I've never heard Kanye West before and I hope I never do again. That was hands-down the worst thing I've ever listened to in my life. And the whole Grohl/Novaselic/McCartney combo was a letdown. Not even one Nirvana song? How can you get two guys from that band back on stage together for the first time in 20 years and NOT play a Nirvana song? Paul even commented that he found himself in the middle of a Nirvana reunion... then they proceeded to play everything but.

I will say The Who stole the show, they're amazing. And although I'm not a fan, I thought Chris Martin and The Stones also did a good job.
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