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Originally Posted by jpleazme View Post
I think COMC shipping prices are to cover shipping & handling...

they charge you to pull the cards & then combine them into one envelope/package to ship... I was shipped somewhere around 28 shipping, which should of been about $5-6 shipping priority mail with the weight of the cards.. they were not in individual top loaders.. only the outside cards.. the rest were in pennysleeves & put in between the toploaders with a teambag around them...

I still like COMC's shipping method, not the shipping prices... it adds up very quickly.. I got over 20 cards waiting shipping.. waiting to buy some more cards, before I actually ship them.. because if you ship only a few cards at at time, you will be killed on all that shipping costs...

I been selling on ebay for the last 4-5 months.. I charge $1.95 which is the default shipping charge for 3oz bubblemailer... I actually get charged shipping $1.64... I buy my packing supplies at a discount store (5 bubblemailers for $0.99 **can't beat that price)... packing tape $0.99 a roll... I lose almost no money in shipping costs..

I get hit with ebay/paypal fees more than anything.. I hate that ebay waits & bills you.. instead of taking out ebay fees after each transaction/payment..
Yes you can haha. You can get them in bulk on eBay for about 10 cents per. Savings add up, trust me
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