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Originally Posted by rmiller1k View Post
congrats on two amazing breaks! what case was more fun for you? this one or the luck super???
Thanks everyone. You know, this is a very good question. I think i would say that this one was and here is why. Obviously there will never be a thrill again like pulling the Luck super for me but this pull the Turbin auto 1/1 in box 1...great way to start...could be something better in the case, but doubtful.

Then the Luck patch auto comes out and i figure that was the big hit of the case and will be nothing even decent in the rest of it...then to pull the RG3 camo auto...certainly that has to be the final card i pull thats worth more then $5, although the thought never entered my mind to sell the remaining boxes.

Then to resume today and pull another Luck auto, i just laughed cause its almost comical at this point (in a good way). Cause of those reasons, i would say this case was more fun. Done with Topps Chrome now cause price is way to high right now. Looking forward to Topps Strata hopefully next friday!
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