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Originally Posted by h4auto View Post
one suggestion. Double check the scans and listings COMC and buyers. I got 2 cards that are different then what was listed(out of a 71 card order this month).

Bought this listing
2005-06 Exquisite Collection #50
C.Villanueva JSY AU RC (Rookie Card) #117/225
Item: 1342499
got this.
also had another card that wasnt what was listed, but it was a $15BV i got another card $12BV.
What i think is happening when COMC scans and list is the YEAR is wrong.
The c. vilanueava is 2005 but i got a 2006 exquisite with the same card number.SUCKS cause the DUDE(pat. obryant) looks like Vilanueava in the thumbnail.
So much for my $100 Vilanueava RC. i got a $30 buck Obryant. sucks.

Found the other mistake. not that bad..
Listed as..bought as..
2007 Finest Rookie Autographs #109
Jordan Palmer F
Item: 1254468
Got this instead..
Am I understanding this're admitting you don't take the time to look at what you're buying?

I think COMC is big on "you get the exact card that is pictured".
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