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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Yay!! Back to excessive shipping to make a profit!!
I said I wouldn't come back to this thread, but ... good grief. : plants palm onto forehead :

Originally Posted by jpleazme View Post
I think COMC shipping prices are to cover shipping & handling...
He wasn't referring to COMC shipping costs. He thinks $2.50 + $0.50 per add'l card is an excessive shipping charge. (FTR, I now charge $0.25 per add'l card.)

Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
Yes you can haha. You can get them in bulk on eBay for about 10 cents per. Savings add up, trust me
I bought 500 for about 8 cents per mailer on eBay back in September. I've noticed going through them that about 10% of the envelopes were glued incorrectly on the inside, making them too narrow to hold even a single card. Probably will be seeking out a different vendor for my next purchase ... would be willing to pay 10-12 cents per mailer to get better quality.
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