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Originally Posted by Cactuspies View Post
h4auto, If I understand, you didn't look at the front and back of the cards you were purchasing to make sure the cards were what you were getting. You only looked at the thumbs. I know there are errors with the wrong card being in the wrong place (year, team, person, etc), but just by looking at the name on the card and year with their LARGE scans, one should be able to see what is what. This is also why they have the links to tell them what is wrong. I know COMC will take the cards back and refund you and give the cards back to the seller so you should be good if you contact them. This seems like a problem to take up with them and not on the boards.
I've contacted them before when I got something that was listed and priced incorrectly and they refunded me and gave the card back to the seller to fix. I have had my own cards listed incorrectly and had them fix the issue so they were correct.
Thats life. I havent ask for a refund. Just posting HERE and NO WHERE ELSE so this Pro COMC board doesnt have to worry. This happened on a 71 card order, having to check and click 1000's of pictures to double and triple check purchases wouldnt be enjoyable anymore. AGAIN, if i bought 10 cards its understandable to check and triple check the cards more carefully.

So its justifiable what happened? AGAIN, i havent ask for a refund, just posting what happened and hope COMC doesnt do this to other buyers that are less forgiving then me. This could be posted ALL OVER THE other sports card boards. But it is not. Just here on the PRO COMC thread.

Hope the %'s of errors doesnt get worst at the buyers expense. Eventually this type of quality control(wrong cards,scratched chromes,etc) will catch up and ruin a good site.

If you all think is acceptable to have this errors at 2 per 71 cards, bash away, cause you all know it dont bother me or else i would be on the other forums posting on non Pro Comc sites.

For those that actually are successful business owners or just successful in life, you understand that its better to be told about problems by customers directly before that customer goes out and tells everyone ELSE instead. It gives the business owners the chance to correct the problem before the problem multiplies and does irreversible damage to the reputation of the company.

Cactus, would you rather me hide the faults that i experienced or post them on NON-PRO COMC forums? I can just post this on the other sport card sites if you think that is the better way?

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