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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
I said I wouldn't come back to this thread, but ... good grief. : plants palm onto forehead :

He wasn't referring to COMC shipping costs. He thinks $2.50 + $0.50 per add'l card is an excessive shipping charge. (FTR, I now charge $0.25 per add'l card.)

I bought 500 for about 8 cents per mailer on eBay back in September. I've noticed going through them that about 10% of the envelopes were glued incorrectly on the inside, making them too narrow to hold even a single card. Probably will be seeking out a different vendor for my next purchase ... would be willing to pay 10-12 cents per mailer to get better quality. 250 #000 4 x 8 PREMIUM US MADE KRAFT BUBBLE MAILERS PADDED ENVELOPE BAGS: Office Products

Was happy with the quality of these mailers, the glue held very well and did not need to be reinforced with more tape after sealing.
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