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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Originally I said all 20.

I wanted to change it to spots shut out, but I don't want to deal with the complaints. So there it is.
It wasn't chadc13's post that prompted this. Look at it from my perspective.

I am sorting the 40+ cases and people complain that boomo had already shipped. (He hadn't shipped everything, he made more than 10x the $$ and could afford to hire help, etc etc... but that is besides the point.)

I say I want to random the extra aflac type hits amongst hitless spots, but I get more than a couple protests via pm and email.

While I try to work that out, I keep getting posts/emails/pm about when are we going to random aflac etc.

All along I am still sorting and trying to rush because "Boomo already shipped."

So, I just washed my hands of it.

Not due to chadc13. If it were just him, I could've just text him about it.
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