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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
the one thing that I found extremely strange about this site, is that I got banned for accidentally bumping a thread too quickly, but a member that took my money for over 10 days without shipping my cards, then comes on here calls me a dickhead and rants over & over and is completely in the wrong has zero action taken on them, I had 3 different members take my money and hold it for over 10 days and ship absolutely nothing, no contact etc.

I mean I understand if you don't have time to keep up with the board, it's cool, but that struck me as a very strange scenario. the rule is not very consistant at all.

I don't feel like you can save the world, but? some of this stuff is a little crazy
How about u make a site that is strictly for trade? Then everyone can use it. Ill help for a hefty fee.
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