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Originally Posted by cking View Post
You guys can say what you want about Qwasian, but he is 100% exactly right. And everyones knows it but just wont agree with him because of a personal issue with him. I dont know why the truth bothers so many people. Q, you are wasting your breath. Its never gonna change. Just stick to dealing with members with high feedback and tell anyone else they have to send first. If they refuse, tell then to piss off. Its nothing personal against newer members or members with low I trader but you have to do it on this site to protect yourself.
Ive had this happen to me on WAAAAYYYY too many deals on here. Ive been left 2 negatives(removed) and a neutral by people who held my stuff nearly 2 weeks and I had to make a call out thread to even get a response. Negative feedback also gets them moving. I dont mind watching people bicker in threads etc but seeing people get ripped and the people who rip them off continuing to post gets annoying. Also WAY too many people backing out of deals on here and getting away with it.
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