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Originally Posted by John91C View Post
I won't be buying anything from him in the future. His communication and the fact that he states he has a pre-order guarantee did nothing for me and the case I ordered. He said he could get me 4 where's the pre-order guarantee? I pre-ordered a case and I guess the guarantee is "pre-order a case and you will only get 4 boxes!"

He never went the extra mile for those who pre-ordered cases...
As much as I'd like to talk about my frustrations with the release, I knew the writing was on the wall the second I saw "pre-order guarantee." I'm still fairly new to the industry but even I figured that there'd be no trust in seeing that on the website. I knew I wasn't going to get a case... and honestly the fact that he managed to get enough product to at least cover the bases means something.

I'm upset sure... I was hoping to have product to open for release... but Matt can't control which distributors want to send him product when he had to buy it from a 3rd party. I know that you're not happy with 4 boxes, I'm not happy with 9 to open (3 bought from 3rd parties, 6 from SF) when I was expecting 12.

I'm also not happy having to go in blind when I want to complete a set and I have no expectation for what I'll have to start out with. It's frustrating but at the same time I have to believe that Matt is doing what he can. Slow e-mails don't make me feel any better though... and that just causes concern where it doesn't need to be.
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