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locked and loaded for tomorrow's teaser:

Michigan -2.5 in the teaser at home against West virginia!!!!!!

Kansas -4.5 in the teaser at home against belmont!

Indiana -4.5 in the teaser on the road against the bulldogs of bulter, overmatched and out gunned, Bulter will be exposed big time. Butler has not beaten anyone other than NC, then again Indiana was leading their game by 30 and Butler had to scratch and claw to get their 11 pt win.

Tenn martin +33.5 in the teaser on the road against St louis......who averages a measly 65 pts per game on the season and has a season high of 76 against a team called SC Upstate (no really!). T-martin averages almost 70 per game and season low is 57 against a superior Cincy team on the road. If they can get to a new season low of 56 pts then St Louis would have to score 89! ~ SOLID!

Nebraska Omaha in the teaser bumps up to +30.5. Don't get me wrong.....Neb-Omaha is HORRIBLE...already having loses of 28, 28, 24, 44, 46, 28. They have played the likes of wisconsin, iowa state, texas tech, north dak state, tulane and average 65 pts a game. However, Denver is not in the same league as wisc or iowa state. They are only 2-5 and average 59 pts a game and have played almost nobody. They scored 58 against iona, 53 against col state, 58 against stanford , 50 against southern miss, 61 against cal, they had a huge scoring outburst against mercer 69 a season high last game. Even if omaha scores 10 pts off their average for 55 pts, denver would have to exceed their season high by 17 pts to cover. Have to like this play even flat.

San diego state in the teaser bumps down to only -7.5. Here is what you need to know: SD st just beat uc santa barbara (3-5) by 14 points at home, leading by 17 at the half. Santa barbara in 6 of their 8 games have allowed 68+ pts. One of their other games, against san diego, only allowed 39 pts in an 18 pt win against SD.

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