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Originally Posted by Ty Hope View Post
I've had commissions take up to two years. Never had one from him though. From my experience, the best out there for quality and time to completion are Sean Pence and Gary Kezele.
Thanks for the compliment Ty, but I have to say that I have PLENTY of people on my commissions list right now that have had commissions pending for many months. We don't mean to take a long time, or make people wait, we get VERY very busy.

When you work on set after set, which have deadlines, time to complete personal commissions becomes VERY scarce, especially if you have a family and want to spend any time with them too.

If you have been waiting a long time for a commission, 99% of the time it is because we just have so much on our plate and our commission list gets backed up. Sometimes I take a long time to get back to people who message me too, just because of how busy I can get. Sometimes Ill read an email or PM, and even though Ive read it wont be able to respond for 2 days, maybe 3.

Charles is a stand up dude IMO, and Im betting if you give him some time he will get back to you!
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