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Originally Posted by Cujobyte View Post
I understand everyone's frustration with this set. Believe me when I tell you that every dealer you buy from is frustrated as well.

I want to take a moment to just be thankful Walking Dead boxes are amongst our worries these days.

My heart and prayers go out to those families where the school shooting took place.

One more thing. Do you think some actors, like Otis, don't give Crypto rights perhaps to use their image on base sets?? Just curious. I'll ask Scott next time I email him. I'll let you know his response.
Me personally, I'm not frustrated by this set at all. I mean it came out when they said it would, it has everything a fan could really ask for, and they've delivered once again on their promises. Plus, who could have foreseen that some boxes would be loaded like they have? I'm happy to get the stated odds on a box, but getting an extra auto or costume card really makes me love this set. I'm just priced out of getting more and will just have to go the singles route after I open my last four boxes this weekend.

What happened today in Connecticut was awful, really does put a perspective on things and makes you look at what's really important.
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