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Originally Posted by sals_cardz View Post
well i dont know what your talking about for one. next all im saying is playing against a cpu to get your yards up and stats up is lame. you shouldnt be running the score up on a cpu. yea i can do this to a cpu i can do it to a user ask about me. why arent you in the league? cuz your not good? you sure like coming in threads trying to bag on me are you my new groupie? dude get off my dick.
Here, let me explain it to you in terms you may understand.

Bruh bruh, yo Anglish is straight gabbage, like cabbage from da hood my bruh. But seriously bruh, I am legit on da sticks mane. Ask around bruh. I canz hold my own, even against bros from da hood even on gabbage connects like da one you probably got. get slapped bruh bruh.
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