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Originally Posted by ilovethelakings View Post
I don't normally share a lot of personal stuff here on the forum, but sometimes you just have to share a good story, especially after such a terrible thing that happened today. So I am sure you read bigzig's thread about him being proud of his son wanting to be really generous and help out some less fortunate folks. When I read it, I thought it was really cool and that he had to feel so good knowing that he is raising a kid with a kind heart. Today, I got to feel the same thing with my daughter. We were at the mall and she had $20 from her grandma to spend on a Christmas gift for herself. While walking around, she spotted a Princess Peach backpack that she really liked for twenty bucks. I told her that it was probably a good idea to wait and not buy the backpack just yet in case she found something else she liked in another store. She agreed it was a good idea and we made our way to the Disney Store. In front of the Disney Store, there were a couple of Highway Patrol officers collecting toys for kids. When my daughter saw what they were doing and learned who they were collecting toys for, she told my wife and I that she wanted to spend her money to buy a toy for another kid. She picked out a really nice princess doll from the Disney Store that used up most of her cash, but she still wanted to get a toy for a boy. Of course, feeling really proud of her, my wife said we would give her the extra money she needed in order to buy another toy. So she gave up every cent she had at that moment to do something nice for a couple of strangers. It felt so dang good knowing that she has a heart and isn't so greedy like a lot of kids are during this time of the year. What was a extra little surprise for us is when the cashier in the store found out what my daughter was going to do with the toys, she gave us a bit of a discount on the purchase, which was very cool I think. Later on, we found the backpack she wanted to buy in another store, and I secretly went and got it for her to surprise her with it on Christmas. She definitely deserves it
Great story. Can't wait to have kids of my own, especially to share a happy moment like this
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