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Originally Posted by GatorBoyInTN View Post
Here, let me explain it to you in terms you may understand.

Bruh bruh, yo Anglish is straight gabbage, like cabbage from da hood my bruh. But seriously bruh, I am legit on da sticks mane. Ask around bruh. I canz hold my own, even against bros from da hood even on gabbage connects like da one you probably got. get slapped bruh bruh.
bro on the real my english isnt bad im not a professor i thought we established this. you always come in my threads hating. why? answer me that please. i dont got connect bro bro. if your so good join league or be kind enough to not be in the thread that your a part of. dude i dont got a problem with you at all but you always come in threads and bag on my posts. everyone says your a cool dude then why all the hate?
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