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I went back to my LCS today in search of bargain boxes ($80 CDN!) but someone had beaten me to all of the 4 sealed boxes he had left. All he had was 15 packs left from an open box so I decided to buy them at $3/pack.

I got:
M10 Maggie's Green Tank
M9 Sophia as a Human Blue Rainbow shirt

And the one that stunned me:

Andrew Lincoln As Rick Grimes A1 card! I think I got a bit lucky on that purchase...

So here is a question: Is the Lincoln auto likely to go up in price?

Any help is appreciated...

From one box and 16 packs I managed to snag the above plus:

M22 Hershel's Pinstripe Shirt (w/ perfectly centered pinstripe)
M30 Walker Horde
A2- Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh

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