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Originally Posted by hoopster3977 View Post
I just cannot understand why sellers/buyers would use PWE as a shipping option. You can't get delivery confirmation with PWE, and it only costs $1 more to ship using Ebay/PayPal shipping and you get free delivery confirmation.

As a seller/buyer I would never accept this type of shipping. Very amateur, and does nothing to protect the card(s).
How can you say it is amateur when you have never done it? I have done over 500 transactions in a PWE (400 nonmachiaable) and not once where there was damage. I have done about 500 transactions in a bubble mailer and have had three issues with damage.

Second, especially with trades, the saving on shipping is worth it. I made a trade with the member I quoted below for cards that I wouldn't even be willing to trade in a bubble mailer. You say oh well the DC is on a bubble? I am saving $1 per PWE deal compared to a bubble mailer. Regardless if selling or buying. Mainly, I get rid of cards that I couldn't with $2 shipping or $1.64 whatever.

Thirdly, I have sold many cards in a PWE that I couldn't sell in a bubble mailer because the price was a lot smaller. That $1 saving for a buyer adds up.

Originally Posted by jeeptrader View Post
penny sleeve, top loader, team bag...seal that in a pwe....tape the seams of the envelope...write non machinable on the front
.....cost= 65 cents and. It bypasses the sorting it all the time with no issues
Here is one of the members that just received a nice PWE deal from me. No issues.
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