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Originally Posted by hoopster3977 View Post
I can't believe that everyone that thinks this method of shipping is okay. What a bunch of cheapskates, amateur's, and don't want to protect themselves for just a lousy dollar or less.

Carry on kids.
Well at least we will continue to do deals. Instead of responding to me like an adult, you act like an amateur and name call. You must be new to this hobby, actually I know you are. I can tell. Anyone who buys for a PC wants to buy as cheap as possible. I have a PC of a player where I won't buy an auto worth $3 total with shipping. I see his cards not sell for $.99 plus $2.99 shipping. Yet that same card will be FS for $.99 plus $1 shipping I buy it. Buyers have this mentality. If THEY (buyers) can save a $1 over 100 deals. That is $100! Same with selling. I have so many cards in front of me that aren't worth the price of shipping in a bubble mailer. So if I get $1 shipped for it and profit $.50 from it, awesome. If I make 10 sales a week doing this, that is $5 more a week. $20 a month, $260 a year. All by saving on shipping so buyers will be willing to purchase.
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