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Originally Posted by BCA-Jim View Post
There is no doubt that for the non-autos, this was a easy product to create, but you gotta give him a little more credit for getting all of the buyback autos in here. I'm in a weird position. I love the product, but super pissed about this allocation issue.
Just spoke to Brian at length via phone. Appreciated him calling me after I emailed him but trying to get a point in was frustrating. It seemed the only way I could speak was to yell.

Leaf's position-

* They will distribute how they see fit.
* They have done nothing wrong with the sell sheet.
* If you order more from us we will give you more of hot product's even if the solicitation says the complete opposite.
* Everything on the internet about any shady dealings in the past is untrue.
* Since i'm a "new customer" I have no business questioning them.

I don't agree obviously...
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