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Originally Posted by Major_League;3823128
Everything on the internet about any shady dealings in the past is untrue.[/COLOR]
* Since i'm a "new customer" I have no business questioning them.
Everything? He sure loves to remember certain things. heres just One that must have slipped his mind. Didn't he devalue a product he didn't release yet by selling singles online before release so he could get top dollar for the hits? I think it was ink work archives. Instead of putting some really great hits in another repackage job he threw them on eBay a month before release to capitalize the most from collectors. So instead of having a loaded product, he had a Mediocre product and his eBay store was stacked. When question he removed them, but of course not before cherry picking better condition hits for a fcb member.

And remember when Brian would tell people to go screw if they are not a customer? Looks as if he now changed that tune, now you have to be a long time customer for him to bend the rules for you. But don't worry he will tell you how it sold out and how successful he is. Well unless of course you ignore that whole razor thing.
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