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Thanks Notoriusrmb! Now for the analysis:

I show the average at $201.28 so, between our fuzzy math, close enough. Here's the breakdown:

Santa Claus ($537+)
Ho, Ho, Ho! Triple your money or better: 14 chances, 9%

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer ($358 - $536)
Merry Christmas! Double your money or better: 6, 4%

Yukon Cornelius ($174 - $357)
Silver and Gold! Money Back: 20, 13%

Professor Hinkle ($100 - $173)
Time to write "I am very sorry for what I did to Frosty" a hundred zillion times: 42, 28%

Heat Miser ($79 - $99.95)
Whatever you touch melts in your clutch: 50, 33%

The Grinch (<$79)
$100 loss! Looks like coal this year: 18, 12%

Overall, this one looks like high risk, high reward. About 1/4 will feel pretty good and about 1/2 will feel pretty bummed. With an improved price point, this one is already better than the previous promotion at $179 for $30,000 in product. I think adding 5 or 6 $100 gift cards to the items in the Heat Miser category would bump the Yukon category up about 5% making this a pretty solid deal without much additional burden to Blowoutcards. It's also missing the BOOM factor that a $1,000 gift card adds as well. On balance, it's "ok" and close to being "good".

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