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Posted - 11/12/2009 : 14:02:32

We are disappointed we do not currently have an NFL card license for 2010. We clearly feel we are the best possible NFL partner, we made a very solid effort to obtain a license, but in the end it was not enough. Few thoughts for the eTopps community....

1) eTopps will continue

2) Our ability or inability to offer NFL eTopps cards next year is still TBD. It is certainly possible we will not be able to offer cards, but discussions for the online piece are still not finalized

3) We are always looking to expand, we can expand within existing sports, we can expand into new sports (UFC), we can expand beyond sports. I honestly do not know our exact next 52 week release calendar (never do), I am honestly not sure we will offer 3-5 cards each week, but I do know we are aggressively developing plans and offerings we think the community will embrace and I am confident we will have a strong line-up over the next year (I know of a few ideas already being pursued that will delight the community for sure!).

4) We will continue to develop added value hooks and games that we think the community will embrace and for sure will add value.

5) We remain 100% committed to our catalog and expect soon to be adding new and interesting merchandise.

6) We value the ideas generated from the community and if ANYONE has thoughts on how to expand, how to operate, what new offerings to add please email them via Ask eTopps (I read them all)!

We truly appreciate the support and passion among our users over the past almost 10 years. We recognize without this support and passion we would not exist today. We are 100% committed to the platform and we are 100% committed to expanding the platform moving forward.

Mark Sapir
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