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Default The way I see myself in breaks...

I invested about $145. and probably got about $70. worth of cards back. It was a gamble to begin with knowing picks would be randomized. I got lucky having a couple in the top 25. If they were in the 200-315 range I probably would have sold them off and cut my loses. Still, I would have gotten something back for my gamble.

I enjoyed trading and buying a pick to move around in the middle of the draft. I enjoyed watching other guys wheel and deal to move around. There's a certain social camaraderie when you're in a break with the right mix of guys. You root for them while you hope for yourself.

I rarely buy full cases, I can't afford them. If anyone in the break had bought these 10 case themselves, they'd be ticked. They would have lost a lot of money. Breaks allow us to spread out the wins and loses.

Also, when you're in on a break with the right person breaking, like ImNotDed, no one is complaining or sweating the little things.

Enough rambling, Best to All,
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