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Originally Posted by bprice View Post
Difficult to judge each box with the most important card missing.

There are two cards in Leaf Best of, if you posted only one of them how would the product look?

Brian Price
Dr. Price, the art/mem cards have been added. I was not leaving them out to make the product look bad; my scanner just stopped working. They have been added. I have been a staunch defender of ITG products for a long time but this one hurt bad. I like the art/mem cards but I fail to see the value. I'm not into cards for resale value but I feel like I paid close to $300 a pack for basically an encased ITG mem card. I like the Jagr, Yzerman, and Plante cards but realistically, I could have bought everything individually for less than the cost of one pack. Superlative was phenomenal and I was expecting this to be great, too, but I feel I would have done significantly better buying two boxes of almost any sub $100 box of ITG. Not to sound harsh but this "labor of love" may have made me lose my love for collecting.
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