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well this whole saga has been at the least an interesting and educating experience.

I admit I tried to win in some of the contests being held, though certainly not many in comparison to how many he held and not in the monster card giveaway outside of offering my support for another members deeds.

At the same time I had reservations on what was going on, not that it would of stopped me from dealing with haiku, mainly out of self interest (receiving some sort of nice lot/more than what I paid for). It always felt like a little something was off though I never voiced it. I know how that sounds, quite a bit like a bunch of BS slung after the fact, and for all we know there is an absolutely legitimate reason this is happening, but I still feel that sensation that something was/is off, maybe it was that to me it seemed he simply was trying way to hard to be completely genuine, and spending far too much time on this forum for someone who legitimately makes sums of money large enough to do all that he did.

It honestly felt that this was more of a business tactic than good will, though it may have been both.

(again I realize this sounds pretty pathetic coming from someone with little invested in the situation and little information in regards to the person in question, but as a fringe participant those are my thoughts.)

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